RollerCity Skating Rules

All skating at RollerCity is at skaters' own risk. Campus West cannot be held responsible for accidents which occur as a result of skating.

Skaters are encouraged to obey the following skating rules of conduct to ensure an enjoyable, safe and pleasant skating experience:

  1. We strongly recommend that all skaters are 8+ as we find that those 7 or under generally do not enjoy skating unless they are experienced. We leave this to your discretion.
  2. Do not participate in roller skating if you have any medical condition that may effect your abilities and or balance. Skaters are personally responsible for ensuring that they are fit to use RollerCity facilities.  
  3. Entry onto the rink as well as exit must be made through the specified access and egress points in the barrier. 
  4. Be careful when preparing to enter the skating rink and slow down when exiting.
  5. Please refrain from entering or exiting the building on skates, only put on and take off skates within RollerCity. 
  6. Skating is not permitted in any area other than on the rink / rink access points.
  7. Except for wheelchair users and their carers no person is allowed on the rink without skates, while skating is in progress.
  8. Carrying children while on the rink, including baby buggies are prohibited.
  9. Adults should skate with children without holding hands.
  10. All skaters travel in the same counter-clockwise direction unless the DJ says otherwise. Skating against the flow of skaters is not permitted. 
  11. When skating look out for other skaters. Always be alert and skate respectfully of others at all times. No pushing, chasing, sliding or throwing. Be courteous and considerate of the space of other skaters, marshals and supervisors.
  12. Beginners and less confident skaters should use the area at the sides of the rink. Never stop or stand on the rink (even along the side). This blocks the flow of skaters and causes collisions.
  13. In the event of a fall, keep hands out of the way of other skaters and get up as quickly as possible to avoid injury to or from passing skaters. 
  14. Never skate faster than you can control. Show-offs are not cool, they are obnoxious and a danger to others.
  15. The use of camera, headsets, mobile phones or hand-held electronic devices are not allowed on the rink.
  16. Do not take food and drink onto the rink. 
  17. Observe coned off areas at all times.
  18. Large or non-discrete jewellery should be removed prior to skating.
  19. Ensure that all valuables are stored safely in a locker. 
  20. Strobe and flashing lights may be used during your visit.
  21. Wheels must be of equal size, clean and free from debris to ensure the safety of skaters.
  22. Skaters should leave the rink if they intend to make adjustments to their skates.
  23. Please report all accidents or injuries to staff immediately.
  24. Foul language or inappropriate behaviour may result in removal from the rink and/or the building. Rough play, speed skating will not be tolerated.
  25. Skate safe and most importantly HAVE FUN!

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