Party Food Options:

No food is allowed in a session party other than those purchased in Humphrey's.

After booking a Soft Play Party, you will receive a confirmation email from us. Included in the email among other things is a link to your Party Food Order Request Form. You are expected to complete this form no later than two weeks before your party.

If for whatever reason you forget to complete the form we will automatically provide an equal mix of Kid Options 1, 2 and 3.

Food  will be served in trays.

Each tray serves 5 children i.e. 1 tray = 5 children. 

For example if you booked a party for 10 children with cold buffet, you are entitled to 2 trays. 

You have the choice to pick and mix options which you can have for example as: 

The rule for 10 children is whatever preferred combination you end up with must not exceed 2 trays.

Similarly, if you booked a party for 20 children with cold buffet - you can have your mix of 4 trays in different combinations.

For example:

The rule for 20 children is whatever preferred combination you end up with must not exceed 4 trays. Etc.

Please click here for more details of ingredients used in our party food menu.

Please note: These food options may change according to current ingredient supply levels.


All sandwiches for kid options listed below are on white bread.

KID - OPTION 1 - Cereals containing gluten, wheat, soya, milk, sulphur dioxide
• Cheese, ham & jam sandwiches
• Chicken chunks & mini sausages
• Crisps

KID - OPTION 2 - Cereals containing gluten wheat, soya, milk, egg, sulphur dioxide (v)
• Cheese, egg and jam sandwiches
• Vegetable nuggets and crudites
• Crisps 

KID - OPTION 3 - Cereals containing gluten, wheat, soya, milk, egg, mustard, fish, sulphur dioxide
• Cheese, tuna & jam sandwiches
• Halal chicken chunks & vegetable nuggets
• Crisps 

KID PLATTER (OPTION 4) - milk, egg, mustard, fish (for one person only) - All sandwiches on gluten free bread
• Cheese, ham and tuna
• Falafel bites & crudities
• Crisps 

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