Party Bags

The party bags are suitable for both girls and boys and full of ideas to engage and educate kids in a fun filled way.

The ages stated below are recommended and are priced per bag.

Disclaimer:  Please note our party bags may contain the items described below or a random selection of these and other items. The bags and  items are subject to availability.

Party Bags 4 - 7 Years

Price: £3.00

Our party bags are full of surprises. The bags will delight your children and their friends. They may contain balloons with cat making faces, packs of shaped bands that retain their shape once removed from a wrist. Finger tatoos with a range of themes like jungle animals, monsters, fairytales and pirates. And there may just be a collection of great quality peelable and reusable big star plastic stickers for the kids to celebrate and reward themselves.

Party Bags 7+ Years

Price: £3.00

Like Father Christmas with a box of gifts, our bags may contain items for fun filled games like Hub Caps Catch a game. And if the kids have a catch ball in their bag, they can become super heros and play catch me if you can! Along with other gifts the bags may be filled with a park of colourful inspirational wristbands with quotes suitable for kids. Though not quite Blue Planet, loads of playful stickers introducing the children to sealife animals may also be part of the gift bag. And aha! there may also a glimpse to the world of bugs with a collection of creepy plastic insects that glow in the dark. It is as easy-peasy if the kids want to transform to lookalike Minions, all they need is one of our novelty glasses in the bag!

Each bag may contain all or a random selection of these exciting items.


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