Can I exchange my tickets?

Yes, we will exchange tickets for different screenings, performances, events or sessions but only on a like-for-like basis. So, for instance, we will exchange film tickets for film tickets, or RollerCity tickets for RollerCity tickets If there is a price difference, this will either be refunded or added on for payment – but please bear in mind also that there is a £2 Administration fee (per transaction) for Exchanges.

If though you wish to change your seat within a screening/performance (that you have already paid for and there are seats available) you can do so without any charge. This is different from moving to another screening/performance which incurs a £2 administration charge.

With live theatre performances, however, an exchange is not so easy. As live prices are often very different, straight exchanges cannot always be made, plus the contract that we have with the incoming company may not allow for it either. This is especially true for amateur companies or those hiring the theatre where the Box Office take is exclusively theirs and we are not always at liberty to adjust their income. It is always worth asking if you can exchange on a live show if you need to, but please be aware that sometimes we cannot.

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