Roller Skate Disco - Halloween Special

Don't miss a trick - come and have a treat

5.30pm to 7.30pm – Halloween special for all ages.

Come dressed up and skate Halloween away with all your spook-tacular favourite music played by our house DJ and win a prize for Best Dressed!

Price £9.25 per child - no Zebra discount applies. Up to 2 adults free with admission.

* Free skate hire

* Free kids' meal - either Hot Dog (severed finger) or Veggie Nuggets (bowl of sick - ewww) with French fries for both (fried worms) all served with pots of dripping sauce (blood) to dip into - please place your order on arrival

* Prizes for the best dressed


Advance booking is advised.

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When & Where

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Thursday, 31 October

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