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Founded in 1929 and as iconic as Welwyn Garden City itself, the Welwyn Drama Festival has brought the best of amateur dramatics from Hertfordshire and further afield to compete in a series of one act plays. Our experienced play selection team carefully put together the most exciting programme for the audience. The result: a week packed with everything from comedy and fantasy to heart-rending stories. Every evening two or more plays will thrill, excite and potentially move the audience to tears! If you’re part of a local theatre group and would like to compete you can contact secretary@welwyndramafestival.org.uk for an application form.

Further information will be available at www.welwyndramafestival.org.uk nearer the time.

The timetable is as follows:

Monday 2 June

  • Monk's Walk Seniors (Winners of the WGC Youth Drama Festival) - WWWScott – a devised piece

Do you know how many combinations there are for a Rubik's Cube?  Scott does: he's an expert on the subject, but when it comes to dealing with people he's not so clever...

  • Woodhouse Players - Hamlet, Part II by Perry Pontac

Just days after the events of Shakespeare's Hamlet, the Danish ambassador Seltazar returns to Elsinore. It is up to him and Fornia, the castle librarian, to stop Denmark falling into anarchy - with the help of the old king's ghost, a passing Fool and many a hey-nonny-no!

  • Nomansland Theatre Company - Under New Management by Peter Hale (New Play)

Memories, they’re all that’s left for aging rocker Mr. Wilson. Can his young carer Jade bring him sunshine, and is she a patch on sweet Caroline?

Tuesday 3 June

  • White Cobra Productions - Hancock's Last Half Hour by Heathcote Williams

Forget The Beatles, Bond & Bassey, the biggest star in Britain in the 60’s was Tony Hancock. Heathcote Williams’ seminal piece charts the rise and fall of a comedy legend.

  • Clavering Players - Goldfish Girl by Peter Souter

A funny and poignant play about love and loss.  A young woman, bright, engaging, perceptive is visited by a man.  He knows her but she doesn’t recognise him. Her attention span is as short as that of a goldfish, her memory has gone.  His hasn’t and what it holds is painful.

Wednesday 4 June

  • Blitzed Theatre Company - The Piece of Paper Paradox by John Arthur Green (New Play)

A world where routine is everything and even the smallest change can have unexpected consequences. In shining a light on unquestioning adherence to rules, it throws a hilarious light on the conflict between our fear of change and the need to break free.

  • Pier Players - Ever Young by Alice Gerstenberg

It’s 1923. Four elegant but aging dowagers examine their lives in the delightful surroundings of the Poincianna Hotel, Palm Beach, Florida. But wait, there’s a sting in the tail!

  • Wadham Players - World Premiere by Charles Mander

A crazy comedy in which nothing goes right at the technical rehearsal of the Wads amateur drama group

Thursday 5 June

  • Johnny Tait (local comedian)


  • Barn Theatre Club - Bouncers by John Godber

Four nightclub bouncers portray over twenty different characters exposing the funny, serious (and slightly adult) sides of a night on the town. From girls with attitude to lads on the hunt; from the pub toilet to the dance floor - and all points in between!

Friday 6 June

  • Knebworth Amateur Theatrical Society - Famous Island by Katie Smith

Where do the rich and/or famous go when things get too hot for them? What if everyone thought they were dead - and they were on a tropical island instead?

  • The College Players - The DisOysterious Date by Nick Wilkes (New Play)

Jason's lunch date gets off to a bad start and then slowly descends into chaos. A visit to the park will never be the same again...

  • Belmont Theatre Company - The Lamp by Melville Lovatt

A poignant, funny, tender, richly comic two-hander fast becoming a favourite on the one-act festival circuit.

Saturday 7 June

  • The Players' Theatre (Wales) - A Universal Sorrow by Graham J. Evans

This play is based on fact, taken from the letters of Will Fisher, a mine rescuer. It revolves around the 1913 mining disaster at the Universal Colliery in Senghenydd, when 439 men and boys lost their lives.  It was, and remains, Britain’s worst ever mining disaster.

  • Wanstead Players - A Room Without A Roof by J. R. Allen (New Play)

A thoughtful comedic drama. An experimental group therapy session aims to help those who, for one reason or another, have been unable to find peace, although it is anything but peaceful. The remaining few attempt to confront what it is that has been keeping them from moving on.

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