Dancer Auditions for Beauty and the Beast

We will be making any announcements about dancer auditions on this page for our Christmas 2017 pantomime Beauty and the Beast.

Important Information 

We look after all our dancers and make sure they enjoy themselves in this fantastic, fun, professional environment.

  • Please remember this is a big commitment of time and energy for both the dancers and their parents.
  • Children and parents/guardians must be prepared to commit to all rehearsal dates and all performance dates in their respective team and parents/guardians will be expected to chaperone. The head chaperone will be at the auditions to answer any questions you may have.  Please see the Herts County Council website for further information.
  • If you feel you are not able to commit to all the rehearsals (of which there will be many over the weekends from September through to December) and the performance run, then this not for you.
  • The Producer and Choreographer will be on hand on the day to answer any questions about this.
  • These are unpaid roles and ideal for dancers who are looking for performance experience.
  • You must complete the audition registration form before the audition date, you won't be able to turn up on the day for the auditions and fill it out on the day. 
  • Please also see the Terms and Conditions below.

Terms and Conditions for Junior and Senior Dancers and the parents/guardians of the Junior Dancers 

All Dancers/Parents/Guardians 

  • Dancers will need to attend all rehearsals. These will start on a date TBC and will continue every weekend until Dress Rehearsal week. It is likely we will be starting at 10am and ending at 5pm.
  • We will require all dancers for the two weekends prior to the opening performance: dates are TBC. These will be long days and you will need to provide plenty of food and drink. Please note, the dancers will not be on stage or working the whole time they are there and will have lots of break time.
  • If a dancer is unable to attend a rehearsal, then unfortunately they will be replaced. 
  • All dancers will get a Zebra Discount Card for all food and drinks for their personal use during the rehearsal period and until the end of the last performance day. 
  • Junior dancers will be split into two teams and each team will perform on alternate days.  

Important Point of Information for Guardians/Parents of the Junior Dancers

  • Please be aware that guardians/parents are expected to chaperone and as such will be required to apply for a chaperone licence – for further information please click here.
  • If your child is successful, we will send you an application form to be completed and returned to us – there is no application fee for this and CW Entertainment will cover any fees related to the application. (E.g., photographs, DBS check).
  • Each Chaperone has to cover at least 7 performances. 
  • The Head Chaperone will be on hand at the auditions to answer any questions about the role and duties of a Chaperone.
  • Please note, you will receive x 1 free ticket to the pantomime for every performance you cover (so at least 7 in total).  If 8 or more performances are covered then we will offer 1 VIP Ticket per performance covered,  for either the Garden City Cinema (Event Cinema excluded), RollerCity or Soft Play City.     

And Finally

  • Let us all be under no illusion here, apart from Christmas and New Years Day, some of the dancers will need to be at the theatre every day and being a part of the Pantomime is a big commitment in time and energy for the dancers, their parents and other family members. It is also great fun and a fantastic experience. However, if as a parent, you do not feel you can commit to this, then please do not put your child forward for these auditions.