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Classical Mayhem present SILENT MAYHEM: Hitchcock’s 'The Lodger'.

Alfred Hitchcock's classic silent movie is a torrid tale of the hunt for a serial killer set in the menacing fog of old London town. Experience the flavour and style of the silent silver screen as Classical Mayhem present 'Silent Mayhem', an evening that will make the hair on the back of your neck run for cover. With audience interaction, live music and sound effects - and a few surprises - you'll be sitting on the edge of your seat and choking on your popcorn. A great way to spend Halloween.

A serial killer with a penchant for murdering blondes is stalking the foggy streets of London town. Known as 'The Avenger' he is skillfully adept at avoiding capture. A strange man arrives at the lodging house of Mr and Mrs Bunting whose coincidentally blonde daughter is prime prey for the Avenger. A local detective, dating the Bunting's darling, is jealous of the lodger and begins to suspect that he may be the killer.

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