Cinema Ticket Prices

Cinema tickets can be bought online, our Box Office or at any till point to buy film tickets on the day. 


Off Peak

Mon to Thur - except Bank Holidays


Fri to Sun - & Bank Holidays

Child (14 yrs and under) £5.80 (£4.93 with a Zebra Card) £7.40 (£6.29 with a Zebra Card)
Student (16 - 17 yrs) £5.80 (£4.93 with a Zebra Card) £7.40 (£6.29 with a Zebra Card)
Student (18+ yrs) £5.80 (£4.93 with a Zebra Card) £7.40 (£6.29 with a Zebra Card)
Senior (60+ yrs) £5.80 (£4.93 with a Zebra Card) £7.40 (£6.29 with a Zebra Card)
Adults (18+ yrs) £5.80 (£4.93 with a Zebra Card) £8.40 (£7.14 with a Zebra Card)

Tickets for 3D screenings are an additional £2 on top of the prices above (£1.70 with a free Zebra Card).

Proof of age and/or eligibility for concession tickets may be required – ie valid NUS card or Senior Bus Pass.  

Saving money on cinema tickets couldn't be easier…Our Zebra Discount Card offers a 15% discount on all tickets (exceptions may apply). Click here to find out more about our FREE Zebra Card.

Sometimes when we have new film releases, we suspend Zebra Card and VIP discounts for the first week or two. When this occurs, this is clearly specified on the film listing page under ‘Pricing’. 

Carers - Free when accompanying somebody who they’re looking after with a valid Registered Carer Card.  See our carers information page for full details.

Babes-in-Arms - Babes-in-Arms (children aged under 12 months) are allowed into pantomime performances and the screening of any film that starts on or before 1:00pm.  However compliance with BBFC rules overides any arrangement or decision on who is allowed to see a film screening. A complimentary ticket must be obtained from any till point for any Babes-in-arms.  To keep distractions to a minimum during these performances, we ask that you take the baby outside if they are continually crying.

Screening types


Stunning 3D imagery that brings the film to life. 3D glasses are included in the price of your cinema ticket.

Autism Friendly

These screenings give people with autism a comfortable environment to watch the newest release films with these adjustments made for a great experience:

  • A relaxed environment where people understand the needs of children and families with autism
  • Lights left on low
  • Sound turned down
  • No trailers or advertisements (unless they are embedded in the film)
  • Disabled access
  • Freedom to move around and sit where you like
  • Bring your own food and drink

English Subtitles

A foreign-language film with English subtitles

Holiday Special

A second chance to watch a great film at a great price - just £2.50! Zebra Cards cannot be used with this pricing type. 

Family Film

A second chance to see a great film at a great price. Get 50% off (up to 4 tickets) with a valid Zebra Card.

Mini Cini-Ma

These screenings give parents and carers with babies a chance to sit down, relax and enjoy a film screening.

We have all the useful amenities on hand, car seats can be taken into the theatre which is transformed into a baby haven, a breast feeding friendly environment, with lights slightly raised - and you will NOT be asked to leave if your child cries!

The upper age limit for Babes-in-Arms is 12-months. 

Please leave your pushchair/pram in the foyer area outside the Screen.

A ticket needs to be purchased for all children, including Babes-in-Arms.


A chance to catch the biggest movies before their official release date. 


A screening with English-language subtitles to assist those with hearing loss

Event Cinema

Live and recorded events from ballet to sport, comedy to live music, opera to theatre. Broadcast by satellite which gives you the thrill of a live event.

Event cinema showings are priced individually:

  • Live broadcasts: £19.75
  • Encore of live broadcasts: £15.75
  • Pre-recorded: 13.75
  • Film with Q&A’s/special events: £11.75

A 15% discount is available with a valid Zebra Card (exceptions may apply).