Carer and Childminder Information

Here at CW Entertainment we are able to offer carers and childminders discounted entry for selected tickets

Registered Carer Card and Terms & Conditions

  • Registered Carers can receive a free ticket for Welwyn Garden City Cinema, RollerCity, Soft Play City or Live Theatre events when accompanying somebody who they are looking after in a carer’s capacity   
  • At the time of applying for a card, carers will be required to provide appropriate documentation proving their eligibility and the name of the person they are caring for
  • We accept CEA, DLA, HAND, Carer Passport cards and any other documentation that proves your eligibility
  • The card is valid is valid for one year and is renewable
  • Tickets for the carer must be processed in the same transaction as the ticket for the accompanied person

Childminder Discount Card Terms & Conditions

  • Childminders receive a 25% discount on Soft Play City for all children between 4-8yrs and 50% off for childminders and adults
  • Proof of a valid Childminder certificate and Unique Reference Number (URN) from Ofsted is required at the time of applying for a card
  • The card is valid for one year and is renewable
  • The URN will be checked annually for proof of registration and if validated another card will be issued
  • Discount is only available Mondays to Fridays (weekends are excluded)